Our ALTR location in the heart of North Loop is pretty hard to beat! Despite so many of the best Minneapolis restaurants only steps from our studio, it can be tough finding a quick and clean meal - especially if your clothes are still drenched after a hot HIIT workout. Obviously you can't go wrong with Crisp & Green, Truce and Whole Foods, but we decided to round up a few more of our favorites from places you wouldn't expect (and with a few tricks of our own). Grab a friend and hit one up after your next ALTR session.


Breakfast Bowl - brown rice, black beans, avocado, poached egg, spinach, corn, charred tomato salsa, sunflower seeds, queso fresco (you can also add or sub their signature rotisserie chicken for extra protein)

The Loop

Blackened Chicken Quinoa Salad - Blackened chicken breast, quinoa, avocado, cilantro, chopped spinach, roasted peppers, fresh herbs, fresno chilies, feta and mango yogurt dressing.

Salmon Rice Bowl - Soy-ginger salmon, bell pepper, carrot, green onion, egg, cilantro and sriracha mayo. Tossed with jasmine rice. (You can get the salmon grilled, seared or raw, to your liking. Share it or save the rest for your next meal - it's HUGE.)

Moose & Sadie's

#3 - Two eggs, potatoes and bacon (you can also sub greens for potatoes and add avocado for good measure)


Acai Bowl - acai berry, banana, blueberries, strawberries, coconut, granola (great for when you're on the go)

Hummus and Rice Bowl - brown rice, roasted red pepper, hummus, wilted kale, corn, black beans, grape tomato, red onion, cilantro, chipotle lime vinaigrette


Fennel and Strawberries Salad - organic greens, goat cheese, hippy seed granola, balsamic vinaigrette

Sprouts and Cauliflower - crispy brussels sprouts, roasted cauliflower, herb dressing

Did we miss something? Comment below with your fresh favorites!

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