There’s a lot of things we love about ALTR, but what really makes the ALTR experience incredible are our clients.  When we opened ALTR, we never could have dreamed that the ALTR Army would be comprised of such amazing, diverse and badass individuals. 

Y’all are so cool, we want to talk about you (and blog about you). We’re excited to start highlighting clients on the our ALTR Life blog, and can’t wait for everyone to get to know the our killer ALTR Army. 

We’re kicking things off with one of our ALTR OGs, Brandee McGrain.

When we think of Brandee, we think of two words - hot mama (for real). Brandee has two high school kids (her daughter has even come to ALTR with her) and works as a senior client manager for a medical education software company. She and her family live in Edina and stay busy with hockey, soccer, cross country and of course, ALTR sessions on the regular. 

Brandee has always been fit (and she’s got a killer six pack to prove it). She admits she gets bored with workouts quickly, so she’s drawn to fitness studios that always keep her on her toes. “That’s why I love ALTR, because it’s always different,” she says. “Right now, it’s not ‘Oh, I have to go workout,’ my mantra is ‘I get to workout.’” 

See why we love this girl? 

Brandee stumbled into ALTR by chance. She was looking for a change in her fitness routine, and saw friends posting on social media about ALTR (props to Insta). She snagged our Founding Membership on opening day before even taking a session with us. “It felt right from the start. I knew without even visiting the studio it was going to be for me. I just knew it, and I was right.”

While visiting Lululemon the other day, Brandee said she was asked why she digs ALTR so much. Her response? The community. “Maybe it should have been the workout (and the workouts are the greatest), but it’s the community that makes it special. ALTR has the secret sauce,” she says. “Kari and Vinny have built something amazing. I feel lucky to be part of it and see familiar faces and make friendships that I know will last a long time.”

What song gets you pumped?: Patty Cake by Kodak Black.  I like working out to music with lyrics and if it's hip-hop and nasty that is my favorite. And it should be loud. Tone it down by Gucci Mane and Gold Digger by Kayne are good, too. 

What’s your favorite phrase that gets you motivated?: Courtney’s “LFG,” obviously.

What’s your favorite ALTR session each week?: Tie for Thursday night ALTR Beats and Sexy Saturday 10 am. 

What’s your favorite pre or post workout snack?: Before session I like bananas and peanut butter, but in the morning I workout on an empty stomach. After session I like unsweetened vanilla almond milk, frozen banana, spinach, mango and orange smoothie with plant based or any non-whey vanilla protein powder.

What’s your guilty pleasure?: Ketel martini, very cold and clean with blue cheese olives. So, basically a fishbowl of vodka, but “martini” sounds classier. And I never feel guilty having one. 

What’s one goal you have in your fitness journey?: I'd like to get the rowing machine to 300+. I see others do it. But I can't get out of the 200s.

What’s your favorite ALTR workout move?: I love me a kettle bell. I'll go with kettlebell deadlift. 

What’s a fun fact about you that not many people know?: I have a "Rain Man" quality with dates. 100% not useful, or a skill that is needed, but if someone says a date a few months in advance or refers back to a date, I'll say, oh, that was a Tuesday. It's just become a thing with my friends and colleagues and we all laugh about it.


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