There are a few things that set ALTR apart from the other gyms - our ALTR Army (pat yourselves on the back), our badass North Loop neighborhood, our commitment to caffeine and kombucha, our mood-inducing light show in the studio, our ass kicking workout and our raw, gritty vibe (just to name a few). 

But the big one that really takes the cake? The music. Hands down. 

We all know the feeling. You hear a killer track that gets you going. It makes you move in your upper body, nod your head and close your eyes. It changes your mood, your attitude and your overall vibe. You can freaking feel it everywhere.

And then the beat builds. It gets stronger and stronger. You feel the beat drop coming. Your intensity heightens, and you push it even harder. Your breaths become shorter. Your muscles tighten. It's electrifying. And then it freaking drops. 

It's honestly kind of savage. And we live for that. 

Music has power. It can completely change your mood, elevate your experience and push you to work out harder. Listening to music while exercising releases feel-good chemicals in your brain (dopamine and opioids) that helps boost mood, dull pain and make you less tired. 

The brain's neurons even synchronize with the tempo of music (at ALTR, we like to hover around 130-150 beats per minute). This increases your ability to perform repetitive motions (Ski Ergs, rowers, bicep curls to name a few), and crush your workout even more. 

In ALTR terms, it turns up your beast mode.

That's part of the magic behind the ALTR experience. As all ALTR Army members know, this workout isn't for the faint of heart. In 50 minutes, you push yourself to your limits. Your muscles work to the point of fatigue, your heart rate skyrockets and the sweat is real. But the music changes the game. 

At ALTR, music is just as important as the lights, the equipment and the overall workout. It truly completes the entire ALTR experience. We know you're going to push your limits and do your best with a killer track bumping in your ears, an we won't settle for anything less than your personal edge.

And ALTR Beats? That's the sweet AF cherry on top.

Dig our tunes? Follow our ALTR Pros personal playlists on our Spotify account, and check out a few of our house favorites: 

Coming Over (feat. James Hearsey) - Cazztek Remix

Open Wide - Calvin Harris, Big Sean

Sixes - D.O.D.

Peaches - Parker

Power Glove - Knife Party