It's time to get real, ALTR Army - we need to talk rest days. Don't underestimate the importance of rest days. We know you love shredding it at our ALTR studio, pushing your personal limits and crushing your goals (plus, sweating with the whole ALTR Army crew isn't bad either). We feel you. We get it. 

But to get the full benefit of your ALTR sessions, you need time to rest and recover. You put in the sweat and hard work, and you deserve to let the magic of HIIT do its work. 

Well planned rest days can be pure gold for the body and your overall fitness goals. Trying to hit your SHRED 15 or SHRED X 20? These guys are a vital part of your fitness program. Listen to your body, and take rest days off when you need recovery the most. These allow you to come back to your workout more efficient and strong.

During any workout, your body tissues are broken down. Jello legs. Sore pecs. Been there.  Insert a well planned chill day.  In order to repair, rebuild and regrow our muscles, they need rest. 

One of our favorite things to spend extra time doing on a chill day is serious foam rolling.  

What are the benefits of foam rolling? The benefits have to do with the mobility of the fascia. Fascia is a fibrous layer of connective tissue that surrounds all of the muscles in our body. Without proper mobility, fibers of the fascia become cross linked and they bind to muscles and nerves, inhibiting normal motion and causing pain.

Basically, tension spots be gone. Here are our fave “go to” foam roll exercises:


Lay face down on the floor and place the foam roller underneath your knee. Roll from the knee all the way along the front of your leg to your hip. When you find a sensitive spot or trigger point, slight rock it back and forth on the roller by drawing your heel to your glue. Repeat until all knots are out.


Lay on your back and place the foam roller at an angle underneath one side of your upper back. Gently apply pressure on the roller and roll up and down until you find a trigger point by swooping your arm at floor level from above your head to the hip repeatedly.  


Lay face down to the floor, place the foam roller just under the armpit. Roll from just above the nipple to the armpit.  When you find a trigger point, swoop your arm at floor level from from above your head to the hip to really get into the tension spot.  


Sit with one leg crossed over other while sit-up on top of the foam roller. You should almost be sitting directly on top of the foam roller with the roller at the top of your glute muscle towards your lower back. Roll your way down and up. 

ALTR Army, as you plan your sessions this week, also plan out your rest days. What days are you planning on recovering? When will you foam roll? How about an epsom salt bath? Take time for you. Trust us, your Army will be right where you left them, ready to sweat and shred with you again at the studio in your next session. 

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