We dig our 'hood, and rep it proudly. It's old, full of history and our favorite people (our ALTR Army) frequent it often to visit us. 

The North Loop name once referred to the trolley line that served the area. Today, the North Loop name defines the shape of our neighborhood near Downtown Minneapolis and the Mississippi River. It's located in the Warehouse District, which is part of the National Register of Historic places. 

For most of its history, the North Loop was an area of industry (think warehouses, factories and railroad tracks). Over time, the neighborhood turned into an epicenter of art, and now it's one of the best neighborhoods in the entire US (here's proof). 

And then there's the history of our building (which we think is equally as cool as the history of the entire 'hood). Our building was built in the 1880s and was initially used as a warehouse, which wasn't uncommon. It went through various owners and industries, and eventually came to be owned by the most famous Minnesotan there is - PRINCE. When Prince owned our beloved ALTR space, it was rumored he was going to turn it into a purple downtown club (think Paisley Park). Instead, our Minnesota winters got the best of the building and the roof caved in, putting the building in disrepair. 

From there, the building exchanged ownership again in the 1990s and became Sex World and Sinners (talk about a party building). Over the last ten years, the building has been renovated even further, housing new shops including Upstairs Circus, Bonobos, Bank of America and yours truly. 

And here we are, SHREDDING and sweating ever since.