It's our favorite time of year - we've indulged over the holidays (it’s all about balance, right?), had a few days of rest and relaxation and are feeling refreshed and ready for a brand new year. 2018 is knocking on our door, and we're more than ready. 

The best way to stay on task and live with clarity and purpose in the new year?  Goal setting. There's nothing better than starting a new year with a fresh set of goals to keep you motivated and on track. 

There's a reason we're setting goals and not resolutions. Resolutions are usually broad and sometime extreme, which make sticking to them hard to do. And unfortunately, it usually means that these resolutions are forgotten by March. 

We're not into that. We're into goals, and this year we're all sticking to 'em.

Now's the time to start thinking about what badass things you want to accomplish in 2018 (and don't worry, we're in it with you).

First things first, it's time to brainstorm. Visualize yourself living 2018 to your fullest.  How badass do you want to be?  What does it look like? Jot down a list of things that are important to you this coming year.  Health? Traveling? Spending time with family and friends? Eating right? Being more involved? Committing to regular workouts?  Whatever's important to, write it down.

Next, write down what makes you happy. Feeling fit? Cooking from home? Feeling rested each day? Spending time with friends and family? Vacationing? Crushing it at work? Write these down, too. 

Now let's combine the two and turn them into goals. 

First and foremost, goals should be positive - there's nothing worse than setting a goal that's based in negativity. If your health is important to you and you are happy when you're well rested, setting a goal based on your sleep might be a perfect fit for you.

Instead of saying "I'm not going to go to bed late on work days," rephrase it (positivity is key). Instead, say "I'm going to go to bed early during the week." Boom.

Next, make sure your goal is specific. Going to bed early? Way too broad. "I'm going to go to bed before 11 pm during the week." It's easy to measure and will keep you on track.

Finally (and this is the big one!) - write it down or verbalize it to someone else. Commitment is sexy, and research says we're much more likely to stick to things when we commit to them. 

Excited? We are, too.

Don't worry, you've still got plenty of time to set your goals for 2018 (we're currently brainstorming ours, too). We're all in this together, ALTR Army. 

The best part? We're kicking off 2018 with another ALTR SHRED. That's right - 15 ALTR sessions in the month of January. If sticking to a fitness regimen is on your list of goals this year, we've got you covered.

The SHRED starts January 1st, and we'll all be here getting our ALTR on. Head to to book your sessions. 

New to ALTR or not on our membership? We've got you covered. We're offering a special ALTR SHRED package for $179 (15 sessions to be taken in the month of January). It's time to commit and grab 2018 by the kettlebells. LFG!