It's February in Minneapolis - trust us, it's A-OK if you need a bit of a break.

Here's the thing - it's possible your PTO schedule or bank account don't necessarily warrant a weekend in sunny Arizona or a week on the beach in Mexico. 

The good news? It might be cold, but Minneapolis is one hell of a place for a good 'ole staycation.

We're partial to our North Loop 'hood (and for good reason, it's jam-packed with shops, restaurants and bars that are top notch in the Twin Cities). It's a quick and easy drive, boasts plenty of parking and will keep your mind preoccupied on anything else other than the bitter cold. 

Whether you're making an afternoon, day or weekend out of it, here are some of our favorite activities for the perfect North Loop staycation. Happy exploring, ALTR Army. 

Workout: Start your day at ALTR (obviously). Get a sweat sesh in with us at 8, 9, 10 and 11 am on the weekends, and stay after to get dolled up in our social change area. Don't forget to grab a nitro cold press coffee or kombucha on your way out. Sweat sesh done, now it's almost time for cocktails.


Lunch: Crisp & Green, no question. Crisp & Green is one of our favorites, due to their full menu of salads, bowls and seasonal items. It's a quick walk from the studio, and the inside decor is 100. Grab a quick bite to eat at their restaurant before you set out exploring. 


Shopping: The North Loop is a shopping Mecca. Some of our faves? MartinPatrick3, Wilson & Willys and D.NOLO. Enjoy the North Loop vibe as you walk around (and don't forget your wallet). 


Happy hour: For cocktails, head to Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is a North Loop fixture and has been slinging drinks, oysters and snacks since 1906. The restaurant has a super cool downtown supper club vibe with a copper bar and an unreal liquor selection. Grab a cocktail (we recommend the old fashioned) and some wings if you're hungry (they've got a stellar reputation). 


Dinner: Red Rabbit FTW. We love Red Rabbit's overall vibe and their staff is incredible. Whether you sit at a table or snag a seat at the bar, you won't be disappointed. We dig their pizza and their oysters, especially when paired with a great bottle of wine. Take your time and relax. 


Post-dinner cocktails/Stay: In our world, cocktail hour never really has to end. Head over to the bar at the Hewing, and sink into one of their plushy chairs and order a cocktail. The good news? It's not a long walk from your room (you're staying here tonight). Staying at the Hewing is a no brainer. Each of their 124 rooms is slightly different than the rest, but you can expect it to be adorned in some cool Minnesota items, including blankets, books, booze and more. Kick your shoes off and enjoy some shut-eye in luxury. 


Morning coffee: Up and at 'em. Our favorite coffee spot in the North Loop? Hands down The Bachelor Farmer Cafe. Grab a piping hot cup of coffee and a pastry or toast and stay a while (trust us, you'll want to admire their incredible tile work while listening to tunes from their in-house record player).