We've gotta be honest - we really dig our photography. And we've got one guy to thank for that - our photographer, Gabe Stejskal. 

Here's the thing about Gabe - we've truly never met anyone more kind, open-hearted and truly badass. He's a lover of life, has the biggest and brightest smile and can crush an ALTR workout like no other. We're big fans of him.

Gabe will be the first to tell you that he doesn't really see himself as a photographer - instead, he's a guy with a camera on a mission to encourage others, make a difference behind and in front of the lens and strive to be the best we can.

See? We love him. 

Gabe grew up in northern Minnesota and lived a pretty simple but very fulfilling life with his
older brother Joe, younger sister Sarah and his parents. After graduating from UW - Eau Claire, he knew he wanted something a little bit more and the Twin Cities were calling his name (we're thankful for that). He's lived in his little St. Paul abode for the past five years and wouldn’t have it any other way. 

But Gabe's interest in photography started way back before he moved to his St. Paul 'hood. In high school, a cool family moved next door to him, and the mother was a spunky gal and worked as a photographer. After taking his senior photos, she let him dabble with her black and
white camera and he immediately became hooked. After shadowing a few weddings with
her, he caught the bug and the rest is history. He studied photography in college at Eau Claire and
is thankful he was able to learn more about one of his biggest passions and make it
come to life.

When he's not behind the camera, he leads a super active lifestyle. He's an avid yogi, ALTR Army member, runner, rollerblader and dance party starter (we can confirm this). He's completed a handful of marathons (both running and Netflix marathons) and admits that chips and queso are the way to his heart. 

Gabe might be young, but he's somehow nailed what life is all about. "I'm learning life is too short to be unhappy and unfilfilled, which is why I choose to make the most of my living by chasing people with a camera," he says. "Throw in some corny jokes all while laughing and capturing amazing people - to me, that sounds pretty darn awesome."

What song gets you pumped?: Anything by Kesha or Nicki Minaj just gets my blood pumping. Also the song “Levels” by Nick Jonas has come back into my life and I’m not mad about it.

What’s your favorite phrase that gets you motivated?: Honestly, anytime there is a countdown followed by a strong beat drop, I automatically get so fired up. It’s such a rush for me and is so satisfying!

What’s your favorite ALTR session each week?: I’ve been trying to be better about getting to those early morning classes (6:30). I find that if I get my workout in right away, I feel more motivated and ready to take on the day.

What’s your guilty pleasure?: Chips and queso. And Netflix marathons (no shame)

What’s your favorite ALTR workout move?: A strong renegade row really tickles my fancy. I also have a love/hate relationship with the rowing machines (don’t worry, it’s mostly love).

Why do you love being ALTR's photographer? I love that every shoot is unique; different people, exercises/moves, products, you name it! I love bringing ALTR’s motto of “Awakened Performance” into my shoots, ultimately creating images that truly speak to their brand and what they stand for.