The ALTR workout?

ALTR is a full body, ever-changing, 50-minute high-intensity workout. The ultimate combination of group fitness and circuit training. Every signature class is designed around the science of HIIT and delivers cardio, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Innovative cross-training equipment, rowers, Nordic ski machines, kettle bells and free weights paired with the ALTR signature spring-loaded floor. Classes are limited to 32 clients, with a pro to client ratio designed to provide expert individualized attention. Enjoy spot scheduling through our online class reservation system.

The Space?

Walk into ALTR, and you know you’re in for an experience. A complete sensory landscape. Lighting that awakens. Crystal clear music. The industrial lux lounge. Communal work space for busy professionals. Simple fare for pre and post grind. Lockers, changing provisions, showers and top end grooming amenities including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, hair styling tools and towels.

When are you opening?

August 28th

Why it Works

One word. Science. ALTR’s revolutionary combination of interval, strength, and cardio training keeps your heart pumping at an elevated rate throughout the session. Expect to burn up to 1000 calories. Even better, long after you’ve been ALTR’D, you’ll continue burning calories at a higher rate thanks to a boosted resting metabolism. ALTR works. Every single time.
This isn’t a standard workout. It's a vigorous, ever-changing combination of music, illumination, and proven training techniques. ALTR takes you to places no other workout can. Immerse yourself in intense energy. Lift more. Hit faster speeds. Tone and lean your body. Push through plateaus. Beat your personal bests. Everything and anything becomes within your reach at ALTR.