We won’t break you. Our challenging HIIT sessions stimulate, motivate, and inspire while keeping you within your limits. Whatever your fitness level, we’ll help you find a pace that accelerates your personal best. 

Don’t hold back. To get the most at ALTR, give it everything you’ve got. Expect pumping music, state-of- the-art lighting, certified Pros and high-intensity sessions. Most of all, expect to have fun (no really, the fun factor is a big deal to us).

Don’t procrastinate, don’t put it off. Sign up for your first session and get the show on the road. We’re in your corner. Don’t worry if you’re new - the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll nail it.

Come in the right gear. You’ll be squatting, lifting weights and jumping. A sturdy pair of sneakers is key. Heading back to work or happy hour after? We have full shower and locker facilities to get you looking your best now that you feel your best post-workout.