Goal crusher

What happens when you combine consistent ALTR workouts and layer in small changes in nutrition, sleep, hydration and self care? You crush (hells yes).

ALTR Army, you asked for it - join us in April for a brand new ALTR challenge. That's right, get ready for GOAL CRUSHER.

During the first week of April, we'll work with you to benchmark the following: 

  • Rowing meters in allotted time
  • Ski Erg meters in allotted time
  • KB swing weight and reps in allotted time
  • KB thruster weight and reps in allotted time

We'll challenge you to a total of 12 sessions during the month of April. At the end of the month, we'll assess your new and improved benchmarks. 

But don't worry, your goal is more than just 12 sessions during the month. What else do you want to accomplish?

Each week, we'll incorporate a new layer of holistic health into the mix, including mindset, sleep, nutrition, hydration and self-care (this is what's going to take your benchmarks to the next level). Oh, and did we mention you'll receive coaching and motivation in and out of session from the ALTR Pros? 

Interested? That's the spirit. We're kicking off our Goal Crusher April 1.

Snag our Goal Crusher package here for the month of April. You get 12 sessions, personalized coaching and support to CRUSH YOUR GOAL for $145.